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Meet The Founders

 Meet Founder Mark: 

Mark was born in Burbank California and was raised in Texas and is a current MMA fighter/Jiujitsu practitioner out of Dallas Texas. Mark was first introduced into the growing community back in 2012 before CBD was legal. He then moved to Denver Colorado during the 2012 green rush when marijuana first became legal state wide. Mark and a group of friends started growing as independent contractors for multiple dispensaries. By 2014 Mark moved back to Texas and his friends got into the industry of growing marijuana and some starting the new revolution of hemp. In 2020 Mark and Chloe had their first son together and never had a desire of working for other people so that they could spend more time as a family. They are now using connections in today’s industries supplying the finest products in CBD to customers. Mark and Chloe currently both train Jiu-Jitsu and are currently tied in the martial arts community. "Icon hemp was discovered by our products standing above the rest making a new standard for CBD being (icons) of the industries."

“I use to not believe in CBD back when my friends first told me about it, I thought they were crazy to invest money and time into something that didn’t get you high” Mark expressed. “I became a believer when I faced my first injury after a MMA fight and I took CBD for a week and felt great, with less aches and pains. My recovery time was faster that’s what lead me to follow some of my friends in todays game and start Icon Hemp CBD. I have tried many CBD Oils from different companies and some would work and some would not. Most companies charge a ridiculous price for low dosage oil. I then found out CBD is unregulated in the market and you never really know what your taking or what’s in your products." When you find high quality CBD, the results are never ending.


Meet Founder Chloe’: 

Chloe’ was born in New York but raised in El Paso TX. Her and her family established a living in Coppell TX where she then graduated from Coppell High School. Chloe was on the dance team at Coppell High School known as the Coppell Lariettes. Once she graduated High School she received a scholarship to continue pursuing dance as a career as an Internationally Famous Apache Belle in Tyler TX. After two years in Tyler she then transferred to the University Of North Texas and continued dancing as a North Texas Dancer her last two years remaining. Chloe graduated college receiving a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts and Social Science focusing in (Social Work, Communications Studies, and Kinesiology).

 “Dancing in college is by far the most competitive thing that was ever put before my life.” Chloe expressed. “I love dancing! Dancing has made me who I am today. But, with dancing comes a lot of injuries as well as multiple ways of recovery to heal your body faster for the next performance. “If I would have known more about CBD during my time as a competitive athlete, I think my recovery time would have been much faster after each injury that came before myself as well as my teammates. That is why I now have a passion for pursuing a career in CBD. Recovery can be just as easy as taking a Tincture Oil by mouth, or Rubbing an icee Roller on your body. “All the natural ways are the ways I wanted to go especially if people are not as educated with the benefits that CBD does, I want that to be our job as a company.” Relief, Revive, Recover, and Restore back to a healthy lifestyle. 



Our Mission


We are passionate about providing top quality CBD with the unregulated market that there is.

We assort through different sources in the US for premium organic products at affordable prices.