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Can CBD Get Me High?

Chloe' Cabrera on 20th Dec 2019

How Much CBD Is Recommended For Me?

It is important to try using micro-dosing while using CBD for the first time. Meaning, it is best to take small doses regularly, until your body get's use to the product. At this time, no studies have shown by taking CBD you can overdoes. We are not allowed to medically suggest any specific doses. Dosages vary widely based on symptoms, weight and tolerance levels. 

However, within the CBD community, the following are the most commonly used dosages.

Can I Test Positive for a Marijuana Test?

A positive marijuana test occurs at 50 nanograms of THC metabolites per milliliter (according to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration guidelines). Therefore, ingesting 2000 mg of CBD oil daily would result in a maximum consumption of 6 mg of THC. Approximately 23% of the time a positive urine test could arise. It is always important to remember how much CBD your body has consumed. 

It is positive to fail a CBD drug test if you consume a higher dose than suggested.